I always wanted to shoot some more dreamy and romantic pictures for my blog. I had enough of all that beauty-photoshop-stuff, where i got some of the most beautiful pictures of my portfolio from,thats true, but nevertheless i was longing for something different- that was the moment at which i teamed up with

Maite Pons

Maite is known for her well-executed i call it "Alice in wonderland"-photowork. I fell in love with her art the first moment i accidentally entered her website on facebook. Her style basically consists of clear, simple arrangements, mostly outside in some park or forest location, which i really like- no surprise i agreed immediately on collaborating when she asked me. When we met, the first thing i realized was that she is so much into details. She absolutely knows what equipment she needs, what the setting has to look like, which feeling she likes to tranfer etc. Strolling around Viktoriapark Friedrichshain was so much fun and i discovered a lot of places i have never been to before which was amazing and inspiring. Im pretty sure i' ll return for some new exciting projects! On another note: these pictures were taken in winter, so any of you guys who has ever experienced Berlin Winter knows right away what i am talking about. Its f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Moreover, some of the places we wanted to shoot were already taken by some children and mommies with strollers, so often we had to change our plans very spontaneously. Waiting for the perfect light was also one of the main tasks that day. But i can tell you guys, if you stay focused, youll be rewarded! Discover my own wonderland.. and by the way, i got a brandnew

!!!! Facebook account !!!!

Pullover/skirt American Apparel   Dress/ who killed bambi   Blouse/velvet skirt Vintage

Thank you, Maite, for this fantastic experience and the amazing results!**