Everywhere i go, many people tell me: "You look like Miranda Kerr!":0

This always makes smile because - Hello!?-  its a great honour to get compared to such an inspirational and beautiful woman.:) Anyway, this was the first idea of my shoot with Jana van de Boldt Photography-roommate and friend for 3 years now-, and we always planned to do a "Miranda Shoot". First of all we put together the unique Miranda Style. It was funny and exciting to develop my so called 'transformation'.

                                                                                  THE LOOK.

Make-up was easy. As i really adore peachy, metallic, shiny and bright colors, Ivanas suitcase was like heaven for me. We chose peach/nude for lips and cheeks and a brown/pastel palette for the eyes.          The hair had to be curly- for sure!;)



This little experiment and working with a fantastic team brightened that day and it still makes me happy to know we did an awesome job all together. This is a very first exclusive insight for you. I hope you like it as much as i do! Tell me below, in the comments or drop me a line! Im so curious how the final pics will come out!!!** Lots of love, Miri